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One Dashboard

All the features you need to run your business in one convenient location. From online applications to employee onboarding, scheduling to payroll, timekeeping to tips, Fresh Schedules is the solution.

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No more spreadsheets. With an easy to use interface, writing schedules has never been simpler. And with online access on any device, employees will always know their schedule.

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With an integrated time clock and ability to integrate with payroll systems, Fresh Schedules provides a complete solution. Online pay stubs makes access easy for employees.

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Time Clock

Use our time clock app for Android and iOS to track your hours. Get an online overview of hours worked for better labor analysis and transparency.

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Requesting Off

Fresh Schedules keeps all requests for time off and shift swaps in one place so they are never lost or forgotten.

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Job Applications

Say goodbye to paper applications. Today's workforce expects to be able to apply online, and with Fresh Schedules, businesses can attract new applicants with ease.

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Online Applications

Accepting applications is simple with Fresh Schedules. Just setup your available positions, and you're ready to go.


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